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ASCF strengthens the Arctic Slope region through leadership development and financial literacy, supporting education from adults to early childhood. We prioritize infrastructure for community safety and health, while preserving the Inupiaq language to sustain cultural identity. Join us in building a resilient future together.

Become a Partner

We take pride in being the only regional public 501(c)(3) entity designed to grant money for cultural activities and the general well-being of the people of the Arctic Slope.  The Foundation is a conduit for community investment and development for the Arctic Slope residents to improve quality of life through grant programs made for charitable purposes; deemed as need directly from Arctic Slope community members and the organization. 

Simply put, Arctic Slope communities know Arctic Slope communities and the communities know the Foundation. We help those that need it most. The leadership and staff who drive the Foundation are from the Arctic Slope region, they provide sound guidance for staff who manage the Foundation. By partnering with the Foundation, we can make the Arctic Slope a better place.


The Arctic Slope faces complex problems that require complex solutions; and by understanding the Inupiat people, the living conditions the organizations that serve the region, leadership and management provide the resources where they are needed most. Through personalized consultation, we can advise you on where your philanthropic dollars would be of best use. If you have an interest in investing in a specific project initiative or individual community, the Foundation has the relationships, knowledge, and experience to carry them out.

Request a meeting with Patuk Glenn, Executive Director at, and Ray Esparza, Development Manager at, to discuss potential partnership and collaboration with Arctic Slope Community Foundation. 

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