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Arctic Slope Community Foundation is committed to providing our tribes, local governments, schools, churches, and other 501(c)(3) charitable organizations with funding for programs to carry out our mission to improve the quality of life among the residents of the Arctic Slope region.

In order to efficiently and expeditiously deploy grant funding to Arctic Slope organizations, organizations are encouraged to get preapproved for ASCF funds.

There are two (2) key documents required to be preapproved for ASCF funding.

  1. Designation documents; these documents prove that an organization is legitimate and has a charitable purpose.

    • ​Tribes submit a copy of the federal register of federally recognized tribes. This document can be found here:

    • Local governments submit a copy of your city charter.

    • NSBSD Schools, ASCF has a copy of the North Slope Borough School District tax-exempt status documentation.

    • Churches and other IRS-designated 501(C)(3) organizations submit their IRS charitable organization designation letter.

  2. Financial Statements; these documents ensure that your organization is in good financial standing to receive ASCF funding.

    • Any of the following documents can sufficiently serve as your organization’s financial statements.

    • Previous year’s (2021) complete financial statements (income statement and balance sheet)

    • Previous year’s (2021) tax records/filings.

    • Complete bank statements for the last 12 calendar months.




For assistance with pre-qualifying for ASCF grants, please reach out to Marianne Rexford at or call (907) 339-6026. To schedule a virtual meeting with Marianne, utilize the link below:

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